The Basil

Creative Italian Cuisine

Rooted in Tradition

The Basil is tradition, it's creativity and it's home. 

Every plate is artistically made using customs rooted in Thailand, the home-country of all six owners. The menu takes pride in regional traditions and reflects varying cooking styles and flavors. 

Food as Medicine

Using food for health is evident in the ingredients selected by the chefs at The Basil. High-quality meats, fresh vegetables and healing herbs are used throughout the dishes to promote not only good taste, but good health.

Spiced Right

Our food connects us to our home in Thailand, and we want to share that with you.

Try authentic Pad Thai from The Best Noodles menu. Enjoy our Coconut Soup slowly simmered to perfection. The Ginger Duckling and Teriyaki Salmon are true classics in our own kitchens. So join our family, and get a taste of Thai.